Wiredelta & QEMPLOY – Revolutionizing the Freelance Market

Today tech and engineering skills make the biggest boom in the job industry as they are in demand for many businesses. A technical partner is hard to find, but luckily QEMPLOY is here to help. QEMPLOY wants to create transparency in the freelancing market while ensuring a direct communication between high-end freelance consultants and top-notch companies. It is not just a job portal, it is also a solution that promotes consultant’s professional exposure to the largest organizations and procurers of IT and engineering freelancers in Denmark.

The Problem

Let’s imagine a big corporation with a structured hierarchy, well-known name, and many ongoing projects. Everything is formal and shiny. But then it appears to be that one of the project teams lacks several IT or engineering specialists. What can the corporation do?

There are two main ways: to hire a person following regular HR process or to hire a freelance consultant. The first traditional way is rather a time- and resource-consuming, while the second way is faster and more flexible. But then – where to find top-notch consultants with many years of experience and with a will to work on a freelance basis?

There are lots of freelance portals nowadays and it can be pretty tough for the corporation to find the right one – with trustworthy and experienced profiles available. Moreover, when working on common jobs platforms, there are no tools available for two of most important issues working with freelance consultants: time tracking and invoicing.

The Solution

QEMPLOY has developed a portal where businesses and consultants can communicate directly with each other. On top of all the basic features available on all the common freelance portals, QEMPLOY has decided to provide extra services such as negotiating a project, discussing the contract, booking a consultant for projects and much more.

To reach this goal, QEMPLOY needed to have a stable and efficient web application. One that would be easy to use for both companies and consultants. By cooperating with Wiredelta®, Q EMPLOY got a modern and user-friendly platform built on NodeJS and AngularJS, which makes the process of signing up and further work and cooperation easy and smooth.

But what makes QEMPLOY revolutionary is that it provides a built-in timer to keep track of a freelancer’s work hours as well as invoicing through the platform. Everyone who has ever worked as a freelancer knows how important it is to find a proper tool for time tracking and for invoicing. With QEMPLOY these headaches are solved:

  • Wiredelta integrated its internal time-tracking software – Timer to QEMPLOY. It allows users to log their working time, link it to the task they worked on and have a general overview of progress made.
  • QEMPLOY is integrated with E-conomic, an online accounting program, in order to provide users with an easy way to deal with invoices. No need to look for specific software when you have it available on your freelance portal!

a screenshot of QEMPLOY website homepage

Wiredelta designed QEMPLOY in such a way that creating an account is quick and easy for both parties.

a screenshot of QEMPLOY make an account page

Once logged in, the website has a friendly UX (user experience) dashboard. The panel makes it easy to navigate and keep track of individual projects.

a screenshot of QEMPLOY dashboard

Besides, it comes with such convenient features as conversation requests, client details, calendar and much more.

a screenshot of QEMPLOY dashboard

For now, QEMPLOY focuses on consultants who are specialized in IT and engineering. There you can easily find Project Managers, Developers, Testers, Engineers, Technical Drawers and many more top-notch profiles.


With the help from Wiredelta, QEMPLOY is a wonderful solution for corporations to take advantage of the benefits in the freelance market, starting with Denmark. However, they are not planning to stay at the point where they are now. Very soon QEMPLOY will release mobile apps for a better user experience and the comfort of the consultants. Freelancers will be able to stay wired in, anywhere anytime! Moreover, the company is planning to expand to other countries’ markets as well, so stay tuned!

A screenshot of QEMPLOY sign up section in their website

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